To Framework, Or Not To Framework04/30/2015

Associated ImageUnless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you should be aware of the existence of frameworks. If not, you should probably leave this article and catch up on some news. For example, the Kraft Mac And Cheese recipe will be changing...Keep Reading →

Percentage Heights 10103/28/2015

Associated ImageAs cut and dry percentage heights may seem to many, there are quirks and behaviors that you must learn when dealing with it. To start as a baseline of the height property, before we get into specific behaviors, let us first go to the trusty W3 specification and see what "height" actually refers to. ...Keep Reading →

Media Queries: Width vs. Device-Width03/17/2015

Associated ImageThis will be very brief, and to the point. I recently just had an article published on It's been surreal to have an article published by someone else who wanted it published. I'm extremely grateful they have done that. The article has to do with media queries, and how many people on the Internet seem to use device-wid...Keep Reading →

The Unwarranted Internet Explorer Stereotype03/06/2015

Associated ImageNotice about this articlePlease note that this article is meant for the here and now. This is meant to be read from a 2015 perspective. There were a handful of us who actually enjoyed working in older IE (Internet Explorer) browsers (namely IE6/7.) There were challenges developing websites for these browsers. You were trying ...Keep Reading →

Why I Want Older Browsers Back02/26/2015

Associated ImageFirst of all, let me just state, first and foremost, that this article is not written due to some Stockholm Syndrome sort of psyche. I'm not the only one who happens to share my view on this subject. I've had this tho...Keep Reading →

Disappearing Dropdown - CSS Debugging Series02/06/2015

Associated ImageNotice about this installment of CSS Debugging SeriesPlease note that installments of this series are based off threads that I have worked on, solved, and am taking as examples for this series. I am attempting to guide users through my train of thought throughout the whole debugging process. Obviously there is room for efficiency when it comes to debugging....Keep Reading →

Useful CSS Units Of Measurement01/27/2015

Associated ImageCSS is one of those tools that cannot be used unless one is very familiar and can navigate freely amongst the many different tools available to them. And in order to make engaging web pages or presentations, the creator must be able to utilize all the available utilities at hand. One of the important things to be well acquainted with in CSS is the units of measurements. ...Keep Reading →

Collapsing Margins 10101/25/2015

Associated ImageEvery developer has run into a situation where they seemingly find themselves wondering why margins on their webpage don't seem to be working; or rather, they seem to be partially working. Collapsing margins is the state where two vertical margins on adjoining boxes, seem to collapse into one another, and the margin with the larger value is used, and the smaller value is...Keep Reading →

Web Accessibility - Section 508 Explained01/23/2015

Associated ImageYour website may be beautiful, easy to navigate and filled with the necessary content. However, this does not mean that all of your visitors are enjoying it. There may be visitors who are missing out on experiencing your site to the fullest due to a disability. Whether they are visually impaired, color blind or people with poor motor skills, everybody should be able to u...Keep Reading →

Upcoming CSS Debugging Series01/22/2015

Associated ImageOne of the biggest challenges that developers/web designers face while trying to create stunning websites is while resolving browser compatibility issues. Such problems pertain to each browser rendering the code written to convert a PSD file into the corresponding pixel code differently. While you may be able to fix an issue, you encounter on the browser A (e.g. Google C...Keep Reading →